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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pinot Noir as a sex pheromone?

Wine aromas, especially those in Pinot Noir, are very similar to human sex pheromones. An article published by Wine X Magazine details the connection.

They state: “All those smells you get in the pinot noir grape - spices, earth, musk and the slightly feral, barnyard notes - are very similar smells to those associated with the principal male smell, androstenone. Truffles and the sort of oaky smells in so much wine fermented or matured in new oak barrels are similarly androstenone-like.”

Combine these strong subconscious messages with the effect of wine’s alcohol, and all bets are off.


  • I am just surprised discovering the fact that wine aromas are similar to sex pheromone. I mean, how could it be? Is the evidence based on particular regions (I mean to specific race or all types of races)?

    By Anonymous Boris, at 10:31 PM  

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